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The SourceForce


Easy, Efficient & Secure Sourcing

Unlock seamless global sourcing, market access, and secure commodity purchasing.

Value Added at Every Stage

Benefit from powerful freight solutions, uncompromised quality assurance, and transaction flexibility.

Delivered Through a Powerful Platform

Experience effortless procurement with our powerful, purpose-built, all-in-one platform.

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Easy, efficient

& secure


Seamless Global Connections

Connect to a global network of leading chemical suppliers, accessing diverse products at market prices. Streamline your procurement process and instantly enhance your supply chain resilience.

Confidence in Quality

Purchase with confidence from thoroughly-vetted and quality-checked suppliers, providing consistent and reliable quality products.

Secure Purchasing

Take advantage of a secure purchasing experience. SourceForce is the contracting party and is supported by a grant from the UK government, as well as leading international investors.

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Value added at

every stage

Efficient Freight Solutions

Benefit from our powerful, multimodal freight partner network, delivering on CIF terms to your chosen port.

Uncompromised Quality Assurance

Supplier certifications undergo rigorous checks and independent pre-shipment inspections are commissioned, ensuring adherence to industry standards and consistent product quality.

Transaction Flexibility

Optimise your working capital and streamline your access to international chemical trade with multi-currency transactions and flexible payment terms.

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Delivered through a

powerful platform

Seamlessly Sourced

SourceForce clients have recently sourced:

Potassium Chloride

An Indian manufacturer sourced 1,000MT of Potassium Chloride for use in their manufacturing process, taking advantage of our logistics partnerships and reduced costs.

photograph of a quantity of Potassium Chloride
Sulphur Bentonite
(Soda Ash)

A New Zealand distributor sourced 500MT of Sulphur Bentonite from Qatar to successfully diversify the supply sources.

photograph of a quantity of Sulphur Bentonite
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

An East African distributor sourced 250MT CAN from Europe to diversify their sourcing and secure a reliable and consistent alternative to their other channels.

photograph of a quantity of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

An Indian manufacturer imported 1,600MT of high-quality European, crop-based glycerine for use at their production facilities.

photograph of a quantity of Glycerine

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