What is SourceForce?

SourceForce is a global procurement network specialising in commodity chemicals. We grant our buyers access to our extensive, vetted network of suppliers worldwide, ensuring high-quality, efficient, and transparent procurement processes.

Is there a cost to use SourceForce?

No, our platform is entirely free to use for both buyers and suppliers.

How can I create a buyer account on SourceForce?

Set up a buyer account by reaching out to us through our contact form or email us at contact@sourceforce.io.

Can suppliers join SourceForce?

While our supplier portal isn't currently open for independent sign-ups, we do individually onboard invited suppliers. If interested, please contact us at contact@sourceforce.io.

How does SourceForce ensure the quality of manufacturers in its network?

We only work with cooperative and reliable suppliers, additionally we conduct a comprehensive verification process involving stringent screening, credential assessment, and quality and compliance checks.

Who is the contracting party in transactions?

To ensure a secure transaction, SourceForce serves as the contracting party, absorbing the risks and providing a secure, worry-free purchasing experience.

How does SourceForce protect user data and transactions?

We prioritise data security with robust measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits.

Can I negotiate prices on SourceForce?

Absolutely. Buyers can negotiate and place bid prices per ton.

Does SourceForce assist with logistics and shipping?

Indeed. Our partnerships with reputable freight forwarders and logistics professionals ensure the efficient transportation of your products.

How can SourceForce help my cashflow? 

We can bring cargo to your port of choice, meaning you don’t have to provide an upfront payment to the supplier. SourceForce is also using leading finance solutions which allow us to offer you credit days to further assist your cashflow.

How can I manage and track my orders on SourceForce?

Our platform features an order management screen, allowing real-time tracking and management of orders.

What documentation is generated and stored on the platform?

We generate and securely store all commercial documents related to transactions, including Quotes, Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, copy Certificates of Origin, Import/Export Customs documents, copy Bill of Ladings, and Certificate of Analysis. Any originals can be sent directly to you.

How can I contact SourceForce for support?

For assistance, reach us at 'contact@sourceforce.io' or call +44 20 3239 7173 between 9am-9pm GMT.

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